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Transfer posting MB1B with MvT 311

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Dear experts,

I have 1issue. For example, to do transfer posting from Sloc '1201' to Sloc '10F1' and '10F1' is in WM. With movement '311' , a transfer requirement is automatically created, followed by a transfer order creation screen.

I have automate all these process using 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE', 'L_TO_CREATE_TR' & 'L_TO_CONFIRM'. And it works fine.

My question is, physically the user is actually do the stock placement first to the storage bin then only they create a transfer posting. At the point of stock placement, the end user do not know the storage location to move stock. If I automate this process to create TO first then only do transfer posting, is it a correct way? I want to use FM 'L_TO_CREATE_SINGLE' & 'L_TO_CONFIRM'. Please advise.

Thank you.


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Transfer Order can be created automatically but TO confirmation should be after the physical movement. As and when the TO is confirmed, the storage bin will become empty. When the storage Loc '10F1' receives any other material, SAP proposes the empty bin. So it is recommended to have Manual TO confirmation. Otherwise storage bins are proposed unnecessarily where the stock is already lying.

These above things can be configured in WM. As a developer, you just do the transfer posting using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.

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Dear Mr. Asik,

Thanx for the quick reply. Yes, it made sense to do TO confirmation after the physical movement. Meaning which, I'll create a Transfer Order, then do transfer posting mvt '311' from Sloc '1201' to '10F1', then TO confirmation. I'll try the option. I'll let you know of the result.

Thank you very much.

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I too have the same requirement but here, I have movement type 101. Can you pls share the input values required for passing to the above 3 function modules.

Thanks and Regards,

Sumanth Kumar.