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Transfer Of file

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Hi Experts,

I want to transfer one file from my application server to another application server in R/3.

How to do that...

Pls help.


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I want to transfer one file from my application server to another application server in R/3.

if you have the access both application servers you can do that.

if your app servers are Unix/Linux then you can do using unix commands or else you can download to internal table from one appserver(source) then now Download this to another server using RFC (you should have destination to target application server). in RFC you transfer the content to the Target application server using OPEN DATASET /TRANSFER.

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Not sure whether it will work. But give a try.

Create one RFC FM in system1. Read the data in to internal table by using OPEN DATA SET, READ and CLOSE DATA SETs.

Now transfer the data to another application server file.

Now call this RFC from system2 which reads data from system1 and transfers data to system2.

Do all authority cheks before opening the datasets.

If it is one time application then use transaction CG3Y to download the data from application server to flat file in ur PC from server1.

Now upload the saem file to server2 using CG3Z transaction.



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I have not explored and used, but the FTP function modules can be tried. eg. FTP_COPY.

This FM will ask for source and destination files.

Probably u may also have to use FTP_CONNECT

so that you can provide username and password.

PS : you can also try the program RSFTP004 for testing purpose.


amit m.

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you can follow steps given below

--> use open dataset in output text will open your file

--> use open dataset in input mode. read file data into

internal table itab.

--> enter the internal table value with write statement of dataset in application server .it will move all data from one application server to another



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Hi Sandeep.

I would like to suggest a few references, quite similar to your issue.

[SDN - Reference for Sending file from one application server to another server.|;

[SDN - Reference for Transfering file from one application server to another |;

Hope that's usefull.

Good Luck & Regards.

Harsh Dave