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Transaction Variant for defaulting fields in SU01 when creating a user

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My requirement is that whenever I hit create button in SU01 to create a new user, in the defaults tab automatically predefined values should come. This is beneficial since as part of the project we maintain the same values in defaults tab for all the users that we create.

I got to know that we can achieve this using transaction Variants. Is there any document explaining this??

Suggestions/explantions/correction in approach needed from the experts.


Pankaj Jha.

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What defaults are you looking to configure for specified values? There are some system paramters that can do this (e.g. for date and decimal formats).


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a short 'how-to' can be found in SAP note 330067.

b.rgds, Bernhard

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why don't you use a template(default) user you copy from. I think that is the easy way.

Have fun

bye Jan van Roest

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I know the values i have to maintain in defaults tab. Basically it has to filled automatically the moment i create a user. I need not go to Defaults tab again to maintain any values there. Majorly i have to maintain date format, decimal format, default printer name, Logon language, etc.

Also in the parameter tab if possible default parameters to be populated the moment new user is created.


Pankaj Jha

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We had this requirement in one of my previous project and we were able to create a transaction variant using SHD0 to populate decimal format, logon language and default printer name like LOCL or FRONTEND. Only in case of dates where we needed MM/DD/YYYY we had to change the parameter zcsa/moddatfm (Parameter for Default date format when creating users with transactions SU01).

Creating a transaction variant is pretty easy and you can google it or search in SDN. Basically it is something like this ..

1. executing t-code SHD0,

2. entering SU01 in Transaction code field,

3. entering some transaction variant name say Z_SU01 etc.

4. clicking on create

5. actually creating a test id with the default values you need like putting the user id name and last name and password

6. also hitting enter /continue till you are able to reach/click Default tab

7. here you put values for ex lang - as EN, decimal notation as 1,2345.67, output device as LOCL etc and then when u see screen entries - check mark on W.content for logon language, decimal notation and output device.

8. Save it and then go back ..then again save it

9. Do not forget to activate your transaction variant. To do so click on Standard variant tab -> Standard variant -> you will see activate button.

Next time you create a user id - you will see these default values. Only for dates you need to set the paramter mentioned above from value 1 to 2.

If you still have issue take help from some abapers/developers who are aware of SHDO functionality.

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The simplest way to do this as already mentioned is to create a template user, and copy from that user each time you want to create a new one. This is a typical tried and tested method, you can call it something like DUMMYUSER etc.

Also this approach is future proof as it simply allows you to create more than one type of template user if needed, say one for permanent employees and a different one (and maybe more restricted) for contractor users etc.