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Tracking record creation in BKPF with Change Document Object

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Dear Experts,

I have requirement in which i need to track the entries that will be created or changed in BKPF table and copy that to another table.

I was able to find that the changes are recorded when using Change Pointers with change docuent object : BELEG

But i can't find any insertion records being created in CDHDR and CDPOS when a record is created.

Can anyone please guide me to track BKPF table insertion using change pointers.




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Hi Ninan,

Just for your Reference Purpose check this Link

also check in "CDHDR" Table --> "CHANGE_IND"  field

CHANGE_IND = 'I'   mean u Insert a New Record  .

EDelete (Single Field Documentation)
JInsert (Single Field Documentation)



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also check dis link for how to link BKPF and CDDHR "

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Thanks for the reply Smruti.

I have checked the tables while creating the FI posting but no entries are there in the

entire CDHDR table with field CHNGIND = 'I'  during and object : BELEG.

But when i change the same record the tables are being hit with CHNGIND = 'U'.

Can you tell me is there any STEP or METHOD i should activate or do  to make the entries

updated in CDHDR and CDPOS tables during record creation in BKPF i.e FI posting



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Change documents and change pointers are two different things. Change documents are normally created for changes only (hence the name). Otherwise imagine the size of CDHDR table if an entry was created every time a document got created in SAP (it's not just for accounting documents, it tracks pretty much everything).

Use creation date/time field (e.g. BKPF-CPUDT / CPUTM) to identify newly created documents.