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TPGP table

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Hi all,

we can seee the authorization groups assigned to reports in table TRDIR.

then what is the use of TPGP table ?

thanks nag


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The table TPGP is the table where the defined authorization groups are listed.

Texts in table TPGPT.

TRDIR is then, as mentioned already, the table where the assignments [through RSCSAUTH e.g.] are listed.

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To expand a bit further:

The table TPGP is the table where the defined authorization groups are listed when editing the authorization group of a program from the attributes option in tcode SE38. In addition to the TPGP value, the F4 help will also pull in the corresponding text for it from TPGPT.

Through RSCSAUTH, the assignment of the authorization group to the program ends in TRDIR field SECU, but it is additionally saved in table SREPOATH and SERPTREE.

If changing an authorization group assignment from SE38 finds that SREPOATH is already populated with a (different) value, the system will throw a warning at the developer. So it is recommendable to maintain authorization groups using RSCSAUTH and not via SE38 etc because the opposite is not true. The assignment is also additionally saved in these tables so that you can restore them after a release upgrade.

Another difference, is that using SE38, you can select from a (long) list of auth groups which will apply for a single program. From RSCSAUTH, the opposite is true: you can select from a (long) list of programs which single auth group should be applied. There is also a very usefull little green clipboard you can click on...

TRDIR field SECU is the object repository table which contains the assignment of the authorization group value to the specific objects - (a.k.a. "reports") which are used in authority-checks - (e.g. SUBMIT REPORT <report_name>).

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Hi Marie,

thank you for reply.

you mean to say table TPGP having auth groups for reports only ? or

table TPGP includes all authrization groups (auth groups for tables and auth groups for reports) ?

thanks nag

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Hello nag,

TPGP = all authorization groups for reports (not tables) IF edited from SE38 attributes.

Auth groups for tables is a different topic to TPGP.

Hope you are clear now and have enough infos to help you further,



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Hi Julius,

Thanks alot

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You are welcome.

PS: The defined table auth-group lists and descriptions (texts) are in table TBRG and TBRGT. But again, there might be a better way of doing it...? Take a look at transaction SUCU.