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Total pages in ALV printout.

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I have an ALV list/grid which needs to be printed with a header containing something like:

Page 1 of 30

I'm able to get the page numbers correctly from SY-PAGNO in the top of page event. However, getting the total (maximum) pages seems to be quite difficult. Has anyone sucessfully done this before in ALV?

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!

- Suresh Vijay


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Hi Suresh,

I am know of a cludy way to achieve this;

1. Through your main program call another program which will display your alv in the SAP spool;

submit <prog name> with insdatum in insdatum

with p2000 = p_att

with p2010 = p_ee

with p2003 = p_sub

with protokol = p_out

with sendmail = p_mail

with TESTLAUF = p_test

to sap-spool <- very important

spool parameters params

without spool dynpro.

This is show your list to the spool but would have the total no. of pages generated.

2. Now using the spool# generated, read the table TSP01 field RQAPPRULE to get the total no. of pages.

3. Use that value and then call your alv again on the screen through your main program.



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Thanks Kshitij,

I'll have to try this out. I still wish there was a "cleaner" way to do this.