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to use SubRoutines and function modules and include

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Hellow Friends ,

Can any body suggest me at waht situations we have to use SubRoutines and function modules and include in an abap report and also i need the standards in an abap program.


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Hi Rajesh,

You use create subroutines within your programs for those block of codes which are used often within the scope of the development. Function modules are like global subroutines , hence any number programs which might want to use the functionality within the function module can do so.

Creating includes is a good programming prctise, e.g. one for data declerations , one for subroutines, so that it makes the code more reader friendly and also helps in modularizing the program. Also once you put a subroutine in an include, you can use the same subroutine in other programs by referring to the include with the INCLUDE statement in your other programs.

Hence basically they are used for :

1. Reusability

2. Modularization of code (make it more readable)

Hope this is of some help.



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