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To trigger the user exit EXIT_RMMR1MRB_001

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Hi all,

When I keep a breakpoint in the exit EXIT_RMMR1MRB_001 and run the transaction MIRO, it is not going to this user exit .

The field entered are

Invoice date,posting date,reference ,amount,purchasing doc number,baseline date ,payment terms,payment method and NF type.

But it is not trigerring the MIRO. In the user exit documentation ,it is given that this user exit will call only if EF_CHANGE = 'X'.

1) So can you please mention which field does it corresponds to in MIRO transaction?

Kindly help me so...

Thanks in advance

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Hello Jayasree

The exit function module is part of the user-exit <b>MRMH0003</b>. In order to activate this user-exit you must create a customer-exit (transaction CMOD) containing the exit function module.

Within the function module you have to set EF_CHANGE = 'X' if data have been changed and, thus, have to be updated within the MIRO transaction.



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Hi ,

Following are some of the user exit that you can consider for Invoice verification.

LMR1M001 - User exits in Logistics Invoice Verification

LMR1M004 - Logistics Invoice Verification: item text for follow-on docs

MM08R002 - User exit for tolerance checks

Function EXIT_RMMR1MRB_001 - This is called only by report RMMR1MRB