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To produce ST22 dump after using TRY CATCH handling exception

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We have program which calls another program using PERFORM. In the calling program we have the exception handler using TRY CATCH. Whenever there is dump in the called program the system does not generate the ST22 dump and the control goes back to calling program and the job completes successfully. (Job finishes with exception error )

Is there a way to produce the ST22 dump in the called program then control goes back to calling program and the job completes successfully. This will help us to analyze the cause of the exception.




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I don't get it: if there is a dump, it means that a dump is generated and you can view it using ST22... (except if you mean a kernel core dump).

Job completes successfully or Job finishes with exception error? I'm lost.

You should provide more details what happens exactly otherwise it's impossible to help.

Minimal reproducible example and screenshots will help people understand your question.

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If you want to see the dump then remove the TRY/CATCH block in the calling program. The dump should provide enough context for you to determine and/or address any issues in the called program. If you simply catch the exception and do nothing then you will see nothing.

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What you want to trigger is a runtime warning.

But (AFAIK) only certain memory bottlenecks can trigger them (provided certain system parameters such as em/sessionmem_warn are set).