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To populate Segment data to Order item level in additional tab B

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Hi Experts,

I am working on Inbound interface using IDoc (ORDERS05); during Idoc process IDOC_ORDERS_INPUT; i have to take segment value and need to populate at order items level; in custom field (in additional tab B).

For that i am using FM (Customer exits) :

Step 1- EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001 (Getting segment value and passing to XVBAP-Zfield).

Step 2- EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002 (Passing Value to respective screen using BDCDATA table).

Due to unable to find where i have to set flag and how ?; To avoid multiple record to append ; BDCDATA Table with same screen.

As mention in this link for Header level additional tab B :

They are using my_flag to avoid ,issue as i mention in above step.

Step 3 - At last they are deleting my_flag in FM : EXIT_SAPLVEDA_003. (find in above link)

Thanks in Advance




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you need to use a flag of type vbap-posnr .

and your check statement will become

check my_flag NE XVBAP-POSNR. (or the ZZXVBAP-POSNR).

and setting the flag

my_flag = XVBAP-POSNR.

so for same posnr it wont repeat the append.. hope this can help

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Thanks Soumyaprakash for quick response.

I am concearn about my_flag, would be local variable for respective FM : EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002; then how i would be clear this variable in another i.e FM: mention in the above link example.



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oh i thought the example which you refered already told you about whre you are defining that variable i was thinking that as well..

you can use a unused filed in xvbak and clear it after every thing is done..

you can use a memory id (export / imprort to read the value and set the value)..

and you can very well go for a STATICS declaration of the variable if you want to..

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See this [post|;. See also Note 753153 - FAQ: Customer-functions in IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS.

I hope this helps you