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To make sure one thing about Bussine Add-In

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I have searched many information on the net,and saw many blogs about BADI.But there is a doubt,just like the following screenshot:

Just as the blog said"The Business Add-In enhancement technique can only be implemented once", but I take a BADI "QEEM_SUBSCREEN_5000"

for example. And at least I do twice to implement it and it doesn't report any errors, just like the data in the table SXC_CLASS as the following screenshot:

Do I understand it wrong??

Can anybody help me ?

Thank you so much.

(comment:My english is poor,if you find any grammer mistakes,please never mind! O(∩_∩)O~)


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You misunderstand the English. There are two types of BADI. Ones that can be implemented once, and ones that can be implemented many times.

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What are they? Can you tell me ?

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BADI QEEM_SUBSCREEN_5000 can be implemented twice. No problem.

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Screen enhancement is an example for BAdI which can implement only once..

Refer the screen shot

Note: You can have multiple implementation for such BAdIs, but only one implementation will be active at a time.

In case of multiple use BAdIs...

CALL BADI l_obj->method(). From this line all the implementation will get executed like a loop.



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My understanding for the statement is as below:

1.     Before BADI we had customer exits which can be implemented one time through CMOD.

2.     BADI here differs from point # 1, where we can instantiate mutiple times provided multiple use check box is set at the property tab for BADI definition.

3. If the multi use check box is not set unfortunately we have single implementation active because system will allow you to create multiple implementation but only one will remain active.

Not sure if this answers your query. If further doubt ,let me know.

- Thanks , Somnath

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BADI definition if the check box 'Multiple Use' is not checked then you can implement the BADI only once. Otherwise, multiple times.

Business Add-in Definition


Name of the definition of a business add-in (BADI). Business add-ins are SAP's new enhancement concept. There are two different views:

In the definition, you create an enhancement that is called from the application code

In the implementation,  you save the code for the functions for the enhancement

You create business add-in definitions using transaction SE18. They contain the business add-in interface. In the application code the instance variable is typed according to this interface. You can create several implementations for each add-in definition.

There are two main types of BADI definitions:

Multiple use - that is, there can be several active implementations

Filter-dependent  - that is, you apply a filter value to each method called (for example, a country). A  different (active) implementation is then called for each value. Possible filter values are characterized by the filter type.

Thanks & Regards,