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To generate output messages automatically

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Hi all,

I am having a requirement wherein the output messages for an invoice must be automaticllay generated once the user creates the invoice.

I am having 3 output types for invoices based on the invoice type. When the user generates an invoice the appropriate output message should get created automatically.

Can this be done via Configuration/User exits?. Please help me...




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Its done through configuration.

When you configure the output in <b>NACE</b> transaction, you can specify that the output should be fired and processed immediately.



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If it's your output types and not standard SAP types it usually it invlolves the following :

- add your output types to output determination procedure which should be assigned to your document type

- make sure you created corresponding condition records for your output types - this needs to be done on each system separately. Condition records depend on the access sequence assigned to your ouptut type.

Al this can be done in NACE or NACO.