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To find Field in a unknown table

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Hi all.

i have a field. but i don't know the table name.

i want to know that what are all the table/ program holds that fields.

i tried in where-used list too. but i unable to find. becoz i dnt knw the table name.

pls help me out


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The best method is to check with the Where Used List. As you have already tried with this Check the following tables.

It may be of some help to you.

DD02L Table contains the SAP Tables.

DD02T Table contains the SAP Table Texts.

DD01L Table contains the Domains

DD01T Table contains the Domain Texts.

DD03L Table contains the Table Fields.

DD03T Table contains the Table Field Texts. (Language Dependent)

DD04L Table contains the Data Elements.

DD04T Table contains the Data Element Texts.

DD05s Table contains the Foreign Key Fields <REMOVED BY MODERATOR>

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Hi Irfan,

Go to t-code SE84 -> Repository information system ->ABAP Dictionary -> Fields -> table fields

Give the field name you know and execute.

You will get all the information of the field in which tables it is there.



sunil kairam.

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use this beautyful transaction to find tables and fields.....

SE15 .

i think it will usefull for you........




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Hi ,u will know by experience which tables will be used for a field... for time being look at the code in ur org. which used that field and check that tables.

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hi irfan,

if you know the field name type it in the abap editor and then double click on it a window will be opened in this window click on the technical settings tab this will give the detailed information about the field including the table name.