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TNAPR vs NAST table??

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TNAPR vs NAST tables in o/p type configuration (NACE) -

>(say , in terms of SAP script )

what both of this table actually does ---pls specify.. ???

o/p type is a combination of 3 things:

1. Driver program

2. Subroutine pool

3. Script name / Form name(layout )

i have seen in case of MEDRUCK(Standard purchase order form) if u go to transaction code NACE then see the output type u will see a subroutine pool name (in IDES version of SAP ) ...but from se38 there will be no object of that name ..?

so for what purpose it is given there ?

and if i made changes the standard form MEDRUCK into my own form say ZMEDRUCK & add something through the subroutine pool i required to enter the new subroutinepool name in o/p tyoe configaration or it will work fine ?

as im calling that subroutine (pool) from my ZMEDRUCK ....

plsss answer ...

thnks ,



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the subroutine SAPFM06P exits in se38.

if u want to make changes in the driver program i.e(SAPFM06P) in dis case..u'll have to make a zcopy of it and den make changes...

also in nace replace SAPFM06P with its zcopy.

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TNAPR will consists of form and its corresponding driver program. but in NACE is the trnasaction code which we need to do the configuration for a Layout, these will be stored in TNAPR table ...

in NACE you need to mention the Output type, then You need to give the Driver program and the layout name . then the configuration is done. no need to give any extra programs or no need to give any extra subroutine pools



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TNAPR: Processing programs for output

Which contains configuration of NACE transaction. Like Application SAP SCRIPT and Smartforms names. So it is exactly the background table for NACE.

NAST: Message Status (To store message related with the Object).

Say in your case Purchase Order Number will be stored in OBJKY. So Related message and NACE configuration is fetched to know the settings , Also Printer related configuration is stored.

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Hi sarit,

tnapr is the table it will define ur driver prog, Form Routine, script name (layout).

nast is the table after printing the output it will update the parameters like how many prints has taken. it will be helpful to you when some body is taking duplicate printout. in our form it will print duplicate..


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TNAPR contains the Linking of The Print Program and Forms to the Application's Output type. based on this The Application transaction like VA01 will determine which Print program has to be called.

NAST : Contains the Output proposal Records. these records are processed be the program RSNAST00 to Generate and send the Output as per the Timing, Destination etc...

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