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TMG requirement

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I have created table with fields company code, customer number and soo on.

co code BUKRS for T001 and Cust number KUNNR from KNA1.

After I have created a table maintenance generator also now I would like to know how to select Co code from T001 and Cust Number from KNA1 for validating both the fields and The combination above two fields must validate against KNB1-BUKRS and KNB1-KUNNR.

Can any one help me out for how to write queries for above requirement.




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you can set your validations and checks through events provided in tmg.You can create a form there and write your code for validation there.

in tmg goto environment>modifications>events,select your required event from the list and then code in your form.

also search for similar threads

hope it helps

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You can define a foreign key relation for BUKRS with T001 and for KUNNR with KNB1.

That way you can only fill values that exist in KNB1 and T001.

One question: why do you want a search help based on KNA1 if you do a validation on KNB1 ?

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Try creating foreign key relationship on both the fields. Pass KNB1 as check table for both.

And to select Co code from T001 and Cust Number from KNA1, pass respective tables into value table of your custom domain.