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Tipical error in VA01

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HI Folks,

While the sales order is being created the system doesn’t not allow to create a document and it raises an error “ Error in Generated program GBAAAAAA”. i.e “the routine POOL_026_PC_0001 does not exist in program GBAAAAAA”.

To avoid this error I have generate the below two programs(the below 2 steps mentioned in the error log).

1. Execute program RGUGBR18, marking the following two options: 'Generate central program' and 'Use Rel. 3.0 ABAP programs'.

2. Execute program RGUGBR00, and mark all the options except the last one ( 'SubstRout. in all').

Then the issue was solved, now we are able to create Sales orders though T.code: VA01

we need to find why this error is raised.

Please let me know why this has happend.

(this is an upgradation Project).




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There are a number of OSS notes on this topic. Look at 103585 and 24894. If these don't help, there are others.


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HI Rob,

Please let me know how can i find(what is search word)the related SAP notes.

becz i tried i am not able to find the exact notes...

please help me.



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Sure - I went to OSS notes and entered a search string of "Error in Generated program GBAAAAAA" (without the quotes. It came back with 11 hits.