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Timestamp in cluster tables

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Why do we use the field TIMESTAMP in cluster tbles.

Please explain....



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The timestamp is the date and time relative to the UTC (Universal coordinated time).

To normalize local times in a UTC time stamp and make them comparable, they must be converted using their time zone and the ABAP command convert

As explained above,it is used for the syncronisation acroos different time zones.

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Hi ,

Go through the below data .

Working with Timestamp

An extension of the DATE data type that can store date and time data (including fractional seconds).

The ABAP Dictionary contains the data elements TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMPL,

TIMESTAMP = P(8) Decimal 0

TIMESTAMPL = P(11) Decimal 7 ( decimal for fraction of second)


GET TIME: Places the current time in the system field SY-UZEIT. At the same time, SY-DATUM is set, and the system fields for the local time zone (SY-TIMLO,SY-DATLO, and SY-ZONLO) are refreshed.

GET TIME STAMP FIELD <F> Returns the timestamp in short or long form. The short form contains the current date and time; the long form also contains seven decimal places for fractions of a second, making the timestamp accurate to within 100 nanoseconds.

*--To get the Current Date/Timestamp

get time stamp field v_gv_curr_timest.

Hope it helps you.


Anusha V

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Thank you..