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time out error in production server for alv grid report

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hi. i have developed alv grid report using nested select statments. when i testing in development server it is giving the output but in production server if i give 4 months then it is showing time out error.please help me out..its urgent.

Thanks in advance.


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Avoid using nested decreases performance .


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thanks for ur reply yaar. but what select statment i can use.


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Hi Manu,

Don't use Nested selected statements.

Use the Following Performance Tuning Options that i have given below so that your problem can be solved.

1) Always check the driver internal tables is not empty, while using FOR ALL ENTRIES

2) Avoid for all entries in JOINS

3) Try to avoid joins and use FOR ALL ENTRIES.

4) Try to restrict the joins to 1 level only ie only for tables

5) Avoid using Select *.

6) Avoid having multiple Selects from the same table in the same object.

7) Try to minimize the number of variables to save memory.

😎 The sequence of fields in 'where clause' must be as per primary/secondary index ( if any)

9) Avoid creation of index as far as possible

10) Avoid operators like <>, > , < & like % in where clause conditions

11) Avoid select/select single statements in loops.

12) Try to use 'binary search' in READ internal table. Ensure table is sorted before using BINARY SEARCH.

13) Avoid using aggregate functions (SUM, MAX etc) in selects ( GROUP BY , HAVING,)

14) Avoid using ORDER BY in selects

15) Avoid Nested Selects

16) Avoid Nested Loops of Internal Tables

17) Try to use FIELD SYMBOLS.

18) Try to avoid into Corresponding Fields of

19) Avoid using Select Distinct, Use DELETE ADJACENT


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hi means the report is not able to finish execution before the time-out period (set by basis for every logon) as it processes a large set of can schedule the report in the background and then, look at the spool at a later time

if helpful, reward

Sathish. R