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TIFF format error: No baseline TIFF 6.0 file While trying to upload image using RSTXLDMC.

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Hello experts,

I am trying to replace a TIFF image using RSTXLDMC .in the SO10 text.
while trying to do so, I am getting an error, PFB the error message.

Uploading TIFF Files to SAPscript Texts


Load File

The file contains 41.980 bytes

This is a TIFF file with INTEL byte order

First IFD offset: 41.402

Reading IFD from offset 41.402 Number of Tags 1

ImageWidth: 202

ImageLength: 106

Error: BitsPerSample tag has length <> 1 or 3

Compression: 5

Photometric Interpretation: 2

Number of StripOffsets: 8

SamplesPerPixel: 4

RowsPerStrip: 15

Number of StripByteCounts: 8

XResolution: 96.012

YResolution: 96.012

ResolutionUnit: 2

TIFF format error: No baseline TIFF 6.0 file


Can you help me to resolve this error?


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Create the TIFF file with BitsPerSample 1 or 3, with your favorite TIFF editing software, then you can upload it.

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Do not hesitate to perform an OSS search in such cases (standard transaction)

Use SE78 or convert file to an uncompressed TIFF before upload.

Ref: 2363460 - 'No baseline TIFF 6.0 file' error when uploading TIFF graphic