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Text transfer to accounting document while using T-code MIRO

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Hi All,

I got problem which is which is about T-code MIRO.

After click on the "SAVE" button, I'd like to transfer the TEXT value which on the "Basic Data" tab to the line item of FI document (INVFO-SGTXT -> BSEG-SGTXT). I tried to use Substitution and user-exit to do the change but failed.

Someone say we can use enhancement to get the text transferred, but I have no idea which enhancement is the proper one I can use.

Anyone can help me on this? Thanks a lot!!


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KR Jaideep,

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hi ,

Try some User exit

To find a user exit for a specific transcation

-> goto SE24.

-> give object type CL_EXITHANDLER

-> double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.

-> keep break point in cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface.

-> Now execute the transaction (MIRO) you want to find EXIT

-> It will take you to the breakpoint.

-> write exit_name in field name.

-> Hit F8 and it will tell you all the EXITu2019s for your transaction.

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Thanks, Guys!!

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Hi Friend,

I am also having the same requirment.

If you resolved this problem, please let me know which enhancement you used. if possible pls provide me the code as well.

your help will be highly appriciated..!!

thanks in advance.