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Text not transfered through Interface...

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Hi Experts:

We have created an interface between two SAP installations. The PO Created in one system should be converted and posted as an SO in the other server.

Here we have two scenarions;

1. In Outbound server, an SO will be created, it will be converted to PR and PO will be genetared automatically and will be sent to second server as SO through Idoc. This is working fine, and SO is posted in second server with all the data incuding Text.

2. In Outbound server,We create a PO manually and send it to another Server. Here all the data is getting posted in SO instead of the Text.

Here basically the customised PO text Id (F07)in Outbound Server is 3 characters. The same is being passed on to the other server, (The recieving

Side Idoc is having all the data including the text, text object and text type). But it is not getting posted to the the sales Order.

The sales Order Text ID is 4 char(ZITP) ( The Po text Id being passed is different to the SO text Id ).



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Its probably because of the custom text ZITP. Does both the systems have been configured with similar TEXT id?



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Hi Ravi,

Yes both teh systems have the same SO text ID, but the problem is that The text is comming from PO text. Hence the PO text is to be mapped to the SO text ID. in the recieving system. Any Idea


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Hi Simi,

The mapping of Text ID of PO to Text ID of SO can be acheived in many ways.

You have a couple of user exits in IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS where you can write code to manipulate the correct segment field.

Or you can do it by creating mapping rules in transaction SALE and assignng the rule to a SENDER and RECEIVER. See Below

<b>Converting Data Between Sender and Receiver

The tool can convert and map field contents from a sender field to a receiver field. Organizational units, units of measurements and customer-defined field contents can be transferred from one system to another.

A standard tool can be used to define and maintain conversion rules in ALE.

These rules are defined in this section by carrying out the following steps:

1. Define rules:

Rules are always defined for each segment.

2. Maintain rule:

Conversion is carried out at field level following the defined rules.

3. Assign rule to IDoc:

The assignment defines when the rule is to be used. This is defined for the sender/receiver and message type.</b>

The path is SALE -> Modelling & Imp... -> Convert Data between sender and receiver .


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Thanks for the response, It was very helpful.

The text id is getting converted as i have given constant. But now the problem is that in one idoc, 5-6 texts are being trnsfered. I want just the customised texts value to be converted.

Just the text ID F17 to be converted to ZITP. Now all the text ids are converted to ZITP.


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You have not mentioned whether you are using exit or conversion rule .

If you have done it through rules it is very simple .

In BD79 ( maintain rules ), select the field which you want to convert. In the rule type select "Convert Sender Fields" . Put the name of the same field in "Sender Fld". Then click on conditions tab . Here you can enter "F17" in the 'From' field. In the "Val Receiver field " put ZITP. This will ensure that if text id is F17 only then it will be converted. ALso make sure to check the radio button "Copy Sender Field" in the section

"What happens with Non Assigned/ Non Converted Field values".

If you have done in user exit you can well control it with an IF condition.