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text element problem in sapscript

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Hi Experts,

My script is available in both EN and FR languages. In EN , it is working fine.But in FR language, the debugger is going into the call function write form for text element 'ITEM_SUM' .

But in script, the cursor is comming out of the text elemet, from the first line.

There is no check before calling the FM, it is successfully calling the FM , but the text element is not prining.Can anyone please help me to solve this issue.




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check whether the language u r passing dynamically or not

i mean

Put a this

if sy-langu Eq 'EN'

include &adb* object vbbk id ZAD paragraph Ph languaga EN.


if sy-langu Eq 'FR'

include &adb* object vbbk id ZAD paragraph Ph languaga FR.


Try this.



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as far as i am able to understannd the problem i can say that go SE71 and then go to the utlities tab

and choose Convert Orignal Language and choose ur orignal languae and save and activate it

Now check in the debugger whether the value is coming or not?

revert back after trying this.

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Thanks Venkatesh and Ricx .Original language is En and it is working fine in EN. This texts written to print subtotal and total with values.There is no language check in program and script. it is comming out of the text element from the first line , not even condsidering the line feed. Now in EN , subtotal and total is available but in FR it is not printing.

Please advice.

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Login to SAP in FR lang . Activate the script again...Try printing the subtotal...