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Take a range of column from STPO into a structure

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Hello, i am new to SAP so not quite understand it yet, i want to take the first five column from the STPO table as an output when i insert a parent part that will take all the child component as display. But when i put it eg. 'STLTY TYPES STPO-STLTY' it says STPO not active although the table is active, why is it like that?


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is that your real coding?

for the data declaration, TYPES is not stand in the middle, it should be TYPE.

from the begining, F1 help always your best friend, you should try it first.

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I am using call function CSAP_MAT_BOM_READ, the table i take is the STPO table but it display all of its column, i only want to take the first 5 columns from the result table but still not yet figured how.

depend on what do you need 5 columns for you may have 2 options:

1. define a new structure for yourself in SE11.

2. create a local structure in your program.

then declare an internal table with structure type above and move corresponding data from fm to new internal table.