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Tables related to Standard Cost Estimate

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Dear Experts,

I need a small favor. I am developing a report for controlling. Normally we do standard cost estimate in CK11N. After releasing the standard cost estimate I can go and display the standard cost estimate via CK13N. When i press F5 key it displays the cost.

My requirement is to find out the table names that stores the cost. I can use KEKO and KEPH table. But how do i identify the link for KEKO and KEPH and find out the cost fields. Please help ASAP.




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Switch on the SQL trace using ST05. Run the transaction to display the cost estimates. Switch off and display the trace. The trace should give you the lsit of tables accessed by the cost display transaction.

Below is the liast of tables which might be related to your requirement

CKCM Costing Model

CKCMC_TR Characteristics of a Costing Model (Transportable)

CKCMCT_TR Characteristics of a Costing Model - Texts

CKCMT Name for the Costing Model

CKCM_TR Costing Model (Transportable)

CKCMT_TR Name of the Costing Model (Transportable)

CKHS Header: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)

CKHT Texts for CKHS

CKIP Unit Costing: Period Costs Line Item

CKIS Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing

CKIT Texts for CKIS

CKLAYOUT User Settings for Layout of Cost Estimate

KALA Costing Run: General Data/Parameters

KALAMATCON1 Selection List for Costing Run

KALAMATCON2 Selection List for Costing Run: Material List

KALAUSER User-Dependent Settings for Costing Run

KALD Costing Run: Low-Level Codes

KALF Costing Run: Error Log Header

KALM Costing Run: Costing Objects

KALO Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK)

KALS Costing Run: Costing Levels

KALSTAT Costing Run: Statistical Info for Separate Steps

KALV Costing Run: Costing Variants

KEKO Product Costing - Header Data

KEPH Product Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd

KINX Marking Table for Completed Actions

KNKO Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object

KNOB Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object

KUSE Prod.Cstg: User-Specific Settings (Depends on Cstg Variant

MAKA Buffer Table for MiniApps of the Costing

SMCOPCPCP CO-PC-PCP Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_copc_pcp)

TCK18 Deactivating Functions in Screen Sequence Control

TCK21 CO Object Functions

TCK33 Assignment of Condition Types to Origin Group


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Thanks for your reply.

I find the information in KEKO and KEPH table. But I want to get the respective cost from KEPH table. Please help.