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table view

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I have 2 tables... table1 and table2.

table1 has 3 fields A B C and table 2 has 3 fields D E F ( fields A B E F are primary keys, A = D, B = E )

now i want to display all the fields ie A B C F or D E C F (one and same thing)

i can do this using DB view.. but now user wants to edit the field F in the same view

How can i acheive this scenario, in maintenance view also, we can have just 1 table

please help




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why not create an addon program which using the table control to fulfill this requirement.

if you just want to fullfill this requirement using view.

I think view clauster can make it happy. But you should take some time to see how the view clauster work.

Good luck.

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This is possible.

But, what I did not get to understand is that if you have A = D & B = E, then it would logically mean that there would be only one table with the key fields as A & B while the non-key fields as E & F. That way it would also be easier to maintain.

Whatever, May be you can explain about this scenario later.

Solution to your problem:

1. Your requirement can be fulfilled with Maintenance Views. A maintenance view can have more than one table

2. There should be foreign key relationship between your tables.

Here is how you can achieve it:

Step-1: Create your Table-1 with fields A, B & C

Step-2: Create your Table-2 with field D, E & F

Step-3: Establishment of Foreign key relationship between the two tables

In your Table-2, Define the check table for field D against the field A of Table-1. When you press the foreign key field button, you'll get a popup. In the semantic-attributes of this popup, select Foreign Key field type as KEY FIELDS/CANDIDATES & select the cardinality as 1:1 (in your case).

Perform the similar task for Table-2 Field E and Table-1 Field-B.

STEP-4: Declare a maintenance view. In the tab "Table/Join Conditions", enter the Table-1. Then hit the push-button "Relationships", which is present at the bottom. You'll get a pop-up containing a list of Dependent Tables indicating that Table-2 is dependent on Table-1. Select this entry.

When you do this, your join conditions will be created automatically in the table-control on the right.

STEP-5: Go to the tab "View Fields".

The fields of the Table-1 would be present by default. Hit the push-button "Table Fields", then select the Table-2 & then select only the field F.

This way you can create a maintenance view to maintain the primary & foreign key table simultaneously.

Hope that is helpful to you.

Let me know if you have any queries regarding the same.



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Hi Manu,

As you are saying F is a Key Field.It is not possible to edit Key Filed.

Check your Requirement again .



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Hi Manu,

Sai is right if the field is a primary key, you cant edit it its logical also right... and if the field is not a primary key it will be in editable mode only...create table maintenance generator for maintenance view...

Hope this helps