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table realtionship

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hello guys,

Can u help me with this: how can I relate 2 tables VBRP billing document (field vbeln) and EKKO purchansing document header (field ebeln).

Thanks for your help !!!


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Through VBRP table you can find the sales order and based on the sales order you can get the PO number from VBAK-BSTNK, with PO number you can like EKKO-ebeln.

Please let me know if u need any further information.


  • dj

reward for all helpful answers.

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Thanks for your help dj, but I was in a big mistake, what I need is the relationship between RBKP invoice receipt (field belnr) and EKKO purchansing document header (field ebeln). I thinks it makes more sense.

Thanks again dj.

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RBKP is not directly related to EKKO, but you can try if XBLNR has the PO number (depending on how it is configured). You will find the PO number in RSEG-EBELN which is the invoice receipt item field. From that you can get the BELNR number and go to its header tabel RBKP

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Use VBFA and pass the approprite Prec doc category.