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Table Maintenance & View Clusters

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I am trying to generate table maintenance views and group them using a view cluster. The following is what I have done so far.

I created 2 tables. TAB_A is the primary table with TAB_B the description by language table. They are not linked to each other in any way (even though they probably should).

TAB_A - FLD_A (key, char2)

FLD_B (date)

FLD_C (time)

FLD_D (fltp16)

TAB_B - FLD_E (key, char2, same type as FLD_A)

FLD_F (key, char3, language field)

FLD_G (char50)

FLD_H (date)

FLD_I (time)

FLD_J (fltp16)

I then created 2 maintenance views based on the tables above.


FLD_B (hidden)

FLD_C (hidden)

FLD_D (hidden)


FLD_F (hidden)


FLD_H (hidden)

FLD_I (hidden)

FLD_J (hidden)

I've then used the table maintenance generator to create the screens as well as the unique events to populate the hidden fields.

Using SE54, I've created a view cluster. I have added both of my views to the view cluster as follows:

View/table TAB_A TAB_B

Predecess. TAB_A TAB_B

Dep R R

Pos 1 2

Start true

I have clicked the field-dependence button and generated the dependencies successfully.

So far everything is okay.

I now need to change the hierarchy in the cluster, so that TAB_B is dependent on TAB_A.

What I have tried so far is to add a foriegn key to TAB_B (this worked but is not an ideal solution).

I also changed the dependency type in the cluster to 'S' (only worked in conjunction with FK)

The documentation indicates that what I am trying to do is possible, but I'm not sure how.

So do any of you bright people out there have any ideas?

Be gentle I'm new to both the forum and SAP in general (hence being given table maintenance).

Kind regards



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In my experience, cluster maintenance view Table 1 keys where always used as foreign keys in Table 2. Then these common fields were used in dependencies and subset.

- Creation of maintenance view on table 1

- Then generation of maintenance dialog on Table 1

- Creation of maintenance view on table 2 defining the keys of Table 1 as subset fields (test the dialog, a popup should appear with the subset fields)

- Then generation of maintenance dialog on Table 2

- Creation of the cluster generating the dependency between Table 1 and itself (without specifying any field) and between Table 1 and table 2 using the subset fields (should work automatically)

Look also at [Create a View Cluster|]


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Hi Raymond,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I agree with you abou the foreign keys, but ideally I don't want to have to change the existing tables, so if I can solve this without resorting to that I will be a happy chappy!

I have followed your suggestions so far, however I can't get the last step to work. Does this only work with the use of a foreign key?

Table 1 and table 1 work fine. Table 2 with predecessor as Table 1 doesn't work. I get field dependency generation errors.


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I always defined "foreign keys" between the 2 tables and "subset fields" in maintenance view and dialog of table 2. Try without the foreign key but define the key as subset field in the maintenance view of table 2, this second point should be mandatory ?

([ Maintenance Attribute of a View Field|])

Wish you luck...