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Table maintanence generator values need to update in another transaction

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I have created the Ztable. I need to maintain the data in this i have create the table maintanence generator for this and i also created the transaction to maintain the data.

Here user is asking me after he changes or create the data in perticular table through the transaction,the same data which ever he changed or created should go and update in one more custome how to achive this .

Please suggest me.



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HI Rammohan ,

i think your question is not clear to me

bcoz if u edit some record anyway either TMG or transaction when user refresh the screen it will automatically get updated.

other wise try to elaborate requirement

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I assume what you meant is , when user create/change entries in your ZTABLE, it should update another transaction,say ZTRAN with the entries.

This can be acheived by coding in events of table maintenance generator.

In table maintenance generator screen

1) Top menu, Environment->Modification->Events - Create new event

2) If you click on the search help of the first field, You can see all the available events

3)select an event and double_click to create a method.

4) Write code in the method.

I found this link from one of the forums : .This could be useful.



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It is possible through table maintenance event. I think for you requirement you can use the '02-AFTER SAVE' event. Create a form routine to update the changed data to your standard/custom transaction.

Please check the link for details......