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table infotypes

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what is table infotype and how to use that?


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Infotypes are mainly used in HR.These are used to store

Employee information ..

Infotypes range ..

PA0000 ... PA0999

HRP1000 .. HRP1999

PA2000 ... PA8999 ..

PA9000 .. PA9999 <-- U can create these Infotypes ...

U can read them or write select on them as other tables ...

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An infotype is not a table. It's like an internal table, used to get data from tables PA0001, PA0002, etc ...

So first, you have to declare it in your program, like:

INFOTYPES: 0000, 0001, ....

Then, to get data, must use macro defined in table TRMAC like:

rp-read-infotype pernr infotype p0000 ldate hdate.


Valter Oliveira.

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Hi Ram,

Infotype is a information container.It consist group of related field.Mainly it is a time driven system&Infotype contains subtypes means directly retreive the data.

Eg: In address it0006 contain subtype 01 permenant 02 temporary.

In that 0006 02 means directly retrive the data in tempoaray address.

That is the main usage of Infotype and Authorization Check also will be there.