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Table for Getting details of the Certified Notification

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I have a requirement to fetch the certifying details of given Notification Number. That is i need to fetch who has certified the Notification and at what time and all other corresponding details for a Notification.

Am already using  the using the class  cl_notification_wps, as below

DATA : lcl_notification TYPE REF TO cl_notification_wps.

     CREATE OBJECT lcl_notification


         qmnum = lv_qmnum.


     CALL METHOD lcl_notification->get_certification


         et_steps      = lt_steps


         not_certified = 1

         OTHERS        = 2.

But this method does not give the details about the certification.Am i going wrong anywhere.

Also is there any other table which will provide the certifying details. Will be very helpful if i could get a solution on this.



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What is the error that you are getting while using this method.


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What is the error that you are getting while using this method.

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Am not getting any error, it is showing that the Certification is not done even when certification is done. requesting your Help on this.

Also if there are any other tables please suggest.

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Hello Bhavana,

Yes You have tables to find the certification Details of Notification.

There is a Table called DIACL_DS which has a field named as SIGN_ID, the where condition parameter for this table is object number of notification which you have to feed onto the field OBJ_ID of the table. This SIGN_ID will get generated only when the notification is certified, if there is no entry then it means the notification is not certified.

Also there is a table called SIGNS where you can enter sign id and get the certified username certified time from fields SIGN_SIGNER and SIGN_TSTAMP respectively.

However using the GET_CERTIFICATION method is the shortest approach and effective to use. I think there should be some role assignment issues with your ID. try with different user IDs who have higher roles than you.

Please try using the same method by figuring out what went wrong. Use these tables if you are not able to use the method.