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table creation step by step plz...

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hello Guy,

i want create a table with some fields please can anybody send the step by step process actually i know the process but i forgot..very much thank you in advance..


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To create a Table,first u need to create the domain and data element.

Then u have to give the fields required.

1.Create Domain.

2.Create Data Element.

3.Create Table Structure.

Thanks & Regards,

Roja Velagapudi.

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Hello Santhosh,

I have prepared one document step wise with screen shots.

Its not possible to paste screen shots here.

You can see my mail id in my profile. Just send me a mail. I'll send the document.

Reward If Helpful.



Sasidhar Reddy Matli.

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hello Sasidhar Reddy ,

thanks for ur reply.

this is my mail id u can send the document .

Thank You


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first for the fields u want check whether data elemetns and domains exits or not if not first create domain and then for that createt dataelement and first decide wheter u want client dependent or independent data in that table

if u want client dependent in the first field select mandt field and and then filtl the remaining fields as u want by assigning corresponding dataelements select the chek boxes of key fir the fields what u want as key filed and save it

give the dleviery class and select display maintanence allowed

in the tchnical settings select size4 as 0 and save it

activate it

if u have any problem in creating table

contact me on

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plzz dont forget to reward....


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Go throught these steps....

1.Go to SE11 Transaction.

2.Give Table name starts with Z or Y letter -->click create.

3.Give short description & Delivery class as "A", & Data Browser as "Display/Maintenace Allowed".

4.Click Field tab,give MANDT in field & Data element, click primary key check box & initial values and give Enter on dataelement.

5. Give field name which u want, this s primary key field. so click key check box & initial values, give data element name starts with Z or Y double click on that data element,popwindow wil come, in that click yes, give ur package name>save, it wil ask to create data element, so click yes.Then give short description, in Data type tab click we can choose either Domain or Buil-in type.If u want domain,select domain give any name starts with Z or Y, double click on that>yes >Save.It wil ask to Create domain>yes. Give short desc, give required data type, No.Chars & Output length -->Save --> Activate.

Note: We can use old domain values or we can create new domains.

6. In data element page, click Field label tab. Give short, medium, Long & Heading values >save>Activate.

7.Go to main table page, Give other fields which u want, here no need to give primary key. Do the same steps as told previously.

7.Go to Technical Setting at the top of the page.Give the Data class "APPL0". Select Size category as 0 or anything which u want -->click Save button --> Go back.

8.Activate the main table -->Save.

9.Go to Utilities -->Table contents --> Create Entries. Then Create the Records.