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table control urgent

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hi all,

i need to know is there any way of hiding the configuration option in a table control as when i am calling my screen in webgui i am not able to see popups and hence my screen gets blocked.or if there is any way of viewing popups in webgui.


Saurabh Anand.


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In the service parameters for the webgui ITS service make sure the ~POPUPS value is set to 1.


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hi Andrew,

I have maintained the webgui parameter as ~POPUPS 1 but still i am not able to view it, i am using parameter ~webtransactiontype = EWT in order to hide the navigation bar of SAP in webgui when i turn this parameter off i am able to view pop ups but with this parameter i am notable to view pop ups, can you help me with this because due to requirement of client i need to hide the navigation tab also.

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I think there are a couple of options:

1. Try the parameter ~noHeaderOkCode set to 1 instead of the EWT type - this is supposed to hide the command field - not sure if this meets your requirements.

2. build a custom ITS service for the transaction(s) in question instead of using generic WEBGUI. This way you can hide the navigation without the restrictions. However, there could be other issues with how this works for the transaction, and it could involve a bit of work.

3. I have seen the SAP Webgui service repaired to hide unwanted navigation bar options. Not sure what particular object needs the repair though - took a bit of debugging and searching by the person who made the change.

Sorry I have no better solutions.