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table control -urgent

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Dear Friends,

In my application am using a table control which is developed through wizard

my problem is initially if i give records more than table control rows it is showing the scrollbar..but if i give less no.of records it is not showing scrollbar but when am exiting from the screen and am passing more no.of records to it . it is not showing the scroll bar.

For e.g... i have 2 screens..

1. In first screen am giving the dates (Fromdate and Todate).

2. when am calling the second screen am pushing the dates individually date by date.

The problem here is initially if i give the dates more than 7days it is showing scrollbar.

but if i give lessthan 7 days it is not showing the scrollbar..for this case it is ok but when am refreshing the dates morethan 7 days in that case also it is not showing the scroll bar.

Please help me in this issue is very urget.




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First ensure the number of records that has to be displayed in Table control

If the Number of records are more than the TC lines then the Scroll Bar automatically comes and when the reocrds are less that TC lines then it won't display

Since you are saying that some times it is showing the scroll bar means it is coming properly, but when the records are less it is not showing that is SAp standard behaviour.

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You need to code manually in PBO for increase the lines than no. of entries.Increase it by some huge no.

tc-lines = 100.

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Let it be what ever dates you enter on the screen1. Based on the dates entered in the screen 1 you come to know the number of records in its PAI(screen1).

so in the PBO of the Screen2 just write these

itab is the data based on the dates

tabctrlname is the name of the table control given to the table control at the time of designing the screen.

describe table itab lines N.

<tabctrlname>-lines = N.



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first u decide the no of rows that u want to transfer to table control.

find the no of rows in yr taab control.

if both r equal no problem.

if records to be inserted are greater than tab ctrl lines then increment the no of lines..

ex: in me51 or me41 table ctrl screen.

in bdc i will write as folloews.

first i will move the data to internal table.


loop at internal tab.

count = count + 1." no of records.

if count <= 20.

pages = 10.


if count > 20.

pages = pages + 10.



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