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Table control accepting char in an Num/Int Field

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So basically i want to input in table control records an option to add a character in a numeric field

since it's like a record sheet for grading

i need A for 'Absent' and E for 'Excuse' to inputed in the numeric field


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could you explain more what is a "record sheet for grading", with example values combining alpha and numeric digits?

anyway, you can't, fields can be either numeric or text. But you may of course enter numeric digits in a text field.

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hmm basically for example

student name |   quiz 1

Sandra               25

Joshua                A <---- meaning he was absent that day ...

... yeah i pretty much figured it won't work even if change the data type of the field in the table control into char won't insert any values .... hmm in a text field it would read it as '25' and not 25 so anyway to convert it ?

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numericfield = '25'. That works.