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System status for WBS Element

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My requirement is triggering an interface and sending status to legacy system.Whenever user changes the WBS element from CJ20N t-code,System status will be released.

I want to capture the SYSTEM STATUS Field value.It is storing in the tables PRPS,JEST,TJ20.

I try to use BADI 'WORKBREAKDOWN_UPDATE' but its not holding the Updated Sytem status value before saving the transaction CJ20N.

I would appreiciate if anyone know the solution.




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I feel the best way to do is linking a single step task,by creating the event with the BADI using FM SWE_EVENT_CREATE.You can pass the WBS element to the task by filling the container table with function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE.

In the business object method,which is linked to the task you can retreive the updated system status by querying the tables.The task can run in the background and send out the data to the interface.

This method ensures the consistencey of the data since the task will not get started unless otherwise there is an actual updation with the table.

Hope this helps in resolving the issue.

Thank you.


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Use the object BUS2054 and event CHANGE to catch the change in WBS element. As karun told in his reply it will be a single step task.

You can also restrict the triggering of this task. In the even linkage of this business object, you can give a check function module in which you can check if the change made to WBS element is relavent or not ( that is status has been change or not )

Also, instead of reading the table for status use the function module STATUS_TEXT_EDIT to read the WBS element status, if you want i can give you the logic to read it from table too.

One more thing, as you told that you to send this change status to legacy. How do you intend to do this. Becuase SAP is already having PROJECT01 IDOC to send project information outside SAP. you might use that too. Give me your exact requirement so that i can provide you the solution.



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Hi Rajesh,



to get the status of WBS. The table E_SYSTEM_STATUS gives you the system status of the WBS element.

The status will be updates in these tables only after the commit work is executed. Commit work is the last thing which is executed in any transaction. So any time during the transaction none of the tables will be updated with data.

If you want to get the status at any intermediate stage in the transaction, there are some structures which store these values during the program excution. You can find the structure from the main program and get the current value from there.

Hope it helps...


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I checked the BAPI FM,its working fine but it is capturing the SYSTEM STATUS of the WBS element after saving the CJ20N T-CODE.

I need the system status value before saving the transaction.