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System Lock error

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Dear All

We are using SAP ECC 5.0 in which we have one separate Database instance Server and one Central Instance Server and 4 Dialog instance Server. We are getting the error "System lock error - Notify the Adminstrator". When i check the System log i found these errror messages :

GEH Enqueue: Transfer error while reading lock entries

GZZ > Destination: VRP_CI_VRP_65

GZZ > ENQUE_READ exception code: 8


R49 Communication error, CPIC return code 017, SAP return code 672

R5A > Conversation ID: 81910577

R64 > CPI-C function: CMRCV

So, i got to know that when other application server is unable to establish RFC with Central instance then this error is generated as enqueue process is on Central instance. I have checked the parameter gw/max_conn and gw/max_sys. Both are having maximum values.

Please suggest me what to do.


Shashank Shekhar.


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today i faced the same problem, reply plz.


Sudhakar K

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Goto st22 and check from the dumps which RFC is giving this problem. From there you need to go to sm59 and check for RFC connections.. whether they are working fine or not! There may be problem with RFC user!

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I have checked all the RFC's and its working fine. I also posted this message in SAP Marketplace. They told me that may be host name is not mentioned correctly ( small letter and caps letter ), so this error can happen. But i have checked everything . All the entries are OK. So, please suggest a solution.


Shashank Shekhar

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Hi ,

Wit reference to the error u hav posted..

R49 Communication error, CPIC return code 017, SAP return code 672

The CPIC return code 017 ,which says ,


The partner has abruptly ended the conversation.


This return code is returned under one of the following conditions:

• The partner program issued a Deallocate() call (CMDEAL) with deallocate_type set to CM_DEALLOCATE_ABEND, or the partner has done so because of a remote program abnormal-ending condition. If the conversation at the partner program was in Receive state when the call was issued, information sent by the local program and not yet received by the partner program is purged.

• The partner program terminated normally but did not deallocate the session before terminating. The CPI-C or APPC software used by the partner deallocated the conversation on behalf of the partner program.

This conversation with the partner is over. This return code is reported to the local program on a call the program issues for a conversation in Send or Receive state.

You may see this return code associated with SNA sense data 08640000.

Likely Causes

The partner program encountered a condition that caused it to terminate unexpectedly, or it was stopped unexpectedly by a user.

For example:

• The partner program was running on OS/2. A user terminated the partner program using CtrlBreak or CtrlC, or any of the menu options for ending programs. OS/2's ExitList processing causes the Deallocate() call to be issued as part of cleaning up the process.

• The partner program was processing an error, and encountered another error. Rather than loop in its error-handling code, the partner program issued a Deallocate() call with deallocate_type set to CM_DEALLOCATE_ABEND.

Programmer Action


The conversation is now in Reset state; the conversation_ID that was supplied in this CPI-C call is no longer valid.

Operator Action

Correct the problem encountered by the partner program.

Reward pts if useful



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Also had Communication error, CPIC return code 017, SAP return code 672 problem here.

Increasing value of rdisp/tm_max_no caused the problem to disappear.

Best Regards

Paweł Kryczkowski