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Strange Behavior with variants .

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I have a Z program. I save a variant with a simple field completed. Plant. THere are also so per-filled select options on the screen.

When I go to get the variant , the displa yis an ALV grid with my variant name listed but its not selectable. Then when I hit the back button. My Z program executes ?

All other Z Programs are behaving normally. i.e: get Variant display a popup to select the variant , brings it back to the selection screen and then you can execute the program

Any ideas ?


Any ideas.


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Can you check the attributes of the variant you created, might be some settings are responsible.



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Can you post your code.


Rich Heilman

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I have checked the attributes. The variant looks fine. I simply save the screen as is and when I go to get the variant I cannot select it. It shows me a totally different display than usual, the variant is not selectable.

I have narrowed it down to an error in the initialization of the screen because when I comment the initialization section out , the variant display behaves properly.

Here is the screen and the initialization.

selection-screen begin of block b1 with frame.


s_date for likp-wadat_ist. "4482

selection-screen skip 1.


s_kunag for likp-kunag,

s_vbeln for likp-vbeln,

s_matnr for lips-matnr,

s_lfart for likp-lfart,

s_werks for lips-werks.

selection-screen skip 2.

selection-screen uline .


s_kunag1 for likp-kunag no intervals,

s_lgort for lips-lgort no intervals.

selection-screen end of block b1.

.... the initialization

FORM initialize_data.

*Previous date for deliveries

s_date-sign = 'I'.

s_date-option = 'BT'.

s_date-low = sy-datum - 1. "4482

s_date-high = sy-datum - 1. "4482

append s_date. "4482

sy-batch = 'X'.

*Customer candidates

s_kunag1-sign = 'I'.

s_kunag1-option = 'EQ'.

s_kunag1-low = '0000100000'.

append s_kunag1.

s_kunag1-low = '0000100001'.

append s_kunag1.

s_kunag1-low = '0000100013'.

append s_kunag1.

s_kunag1-low = '0000100025'.

append s_kunag1.

*New stock stor. locations

s_lgort-sign = 'I'.

s_lgort-option = 'EQ'.

s_lgort-low = 'D113'.

append s_lgort.

s_lgort-low = 'D213'.

append s_lgort.

s_lgort-low = 'D313'.

append s_lgort.

ENDFORM. " initialize_data

thx, BAR

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Solved this one. The initialization of sy-batch = 'X' needs to be moved outside of teh initialization section and to the first line in start-of-selection.

thx for your help