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store values in group

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Hello All,

I have a reqmtn and this is specific question,

Wht i want is that i have few grades on R/3, and user wants a report in this grades,

BUT the relation of grade to grade group is set up by user, IT does NOT exist on core, so i want to knw wat is best construct to store temporarily grades in grade groups in my program, there are lot of grades and user doesnt want to store grade groups on R/3, type pool wud help?

please advise,




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you can use Database view For ur requirement.

Revert back if any issues,

Reward with points if helpful,



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No Naveen that is the thing,

I dont want to touch ne of the core , i want to hardcode it, m just trying to figure out best construct!!!

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Hi Reena,

I didnt get your requirement!!

what u mean by " the relation of grade to grade group is set up by user,IT does NOT exist on core".?

can you repeat your querry again.

Revert back,