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status_read Function module

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i am creating custom RF transaction.

in that i am scanning Handling unit numbers and checking with vekp table.if it is true then i am passing this values to status_read function module, it is going to dump.

can anybody tell me what is meant by object number in status_read function module?

am i passing any wrong data?

thanks and regards



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scanned no will be matched with EXIDV of VEKP table. but if i pass any EXIDV from VEKP it is going to dump.

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OBJNR is equivalent to VBAP-OBJNR or aufk-objnr

for a given order ( production order, purchase order, sales order) the order will be assigned with a unique number which is called object number. So if u have a OBJNR of Production order / work order it will be unique for each.

if you are testing the FM try giving the padding zeros, that might help.

the dump might be caused because you are giving some other number in the place of object number.

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