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STATUS 51 ERROR in ale idoc

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i have created idoc sending data from client 500 to 510 updating table PA0105. When record not exits in 510 it is creating new record. If record is exits in the 510 idoc is giving error as status 51 as "Infotype 0105 cannot be updated on database tabl

table pa0105".

i have to update record if record is exits.

Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.




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Hi Sai,

The status 51 states that there is a "Posting Error" which means that the record wasnt created in client 510 since a record of the type already exists there.

It is showng the status the way it is supposed to show.

What exactly is your concern here?



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Hi SuryaD

Yes your correct....

Status 51 means record is not created.But i want to update the existing record in Receiver system.

So how to proceed farther

Can any one help me out please .

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi Sai,

This concept of sending/updating changes to an existing record on the receiver system is called as change pointers.

Say for example,

You have a customer master in both 500 and 510.

You make changes to customer master in 500, then the changes should get updated in 510 also.

This can be done by activating change pointers.

i will send you a word doc that i have with screen shots to your personal in box.

Meantime please find the steps below.

Am here giving you example of updation of the customer master changes in the receiver system.

So the TCodes are relevant to the message tpye DEBMAS ( customer master message type)

Procedure for sending customer with change pointers:

1. Go to BD61 to activate change pointers globally.

2. Go to BD50 to activate change pointers for message type.( in our example case DEBMAS)

3. For example: Consider customer 34 with name Sai in 500.

Now certain changes have been made for this customer:

Changes made are: Name: Sai Rao

Address: Plantech UK limited.

We can transport these changes through change pointers.

4)Now go to BD21 to create Idoc from change pointers. Give message type DEBMAS for customer master

5)After executing this, we will get the screens that say

" n master IDocs set up for message type DEBMAS"

" n communication IDOC(s) genertated for message type DEBMAS".

6)Now go to WE02 in 500 to check for Idoc that got created with changes made

7)Now go to client 510,

Go to XD02 to check whether the changes made in 800 for customer 34 are affecting in 110 or not.


Go to WE02 to check for the idoc with the changes made.

Hope this helps you.


i have sent you a word doc that i have with screen shots to your personal in box.



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Hi SuryaD,

Can you send me the word doc that explain all steps by Screenshots plz ?


Best Regards,