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Standard sap BACK, CANCEL icons affected by custom status - why?

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Hello SDN Community,

I was trying to clean up some items in the Function List display of my custom status and I had deleted a couple of items that I had created incorrectly.

After that, I ran my transaction and clicked the standard sap EXIT icon. It returned me to the initial SAP screen. However, I noticed that the BACK and CANCEL icons were greyed out. It was working fine 5 minutes before this.

Would anyone know what I might have done to cause this to happen? Things to look for, places to check?

Thank you,

Dean Atteberry.


Developer Advocate
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Make sure that those two icons have a function code associated with them in your custom gui status. You can probably make the functino code the same as the "Exit" button.


Rich Heilman

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Both buttons (BACK, CANCEL) have function codes of the same name.

The EXIT button has function code of "EXIT".

All three are active as long as my transaction is running and they function fine from any screen (about 6 screens).

However, when I hit any one of the three (BACK, EXIT, CANCEL), it returns me to the SAP Easy Access screen. On that screen BACK and CANCEL are greyed out. EXIT is active.

When I hit back from my first screen, my program does "LEAVE PROGRAM". So I turned on debugger and put SY-PFKEY in the variable display and hit BACK. It went directly to Easy Access, so I didn't see anything. However, when I typed in SE38 in command line, it was still in debugging mode and "SESSION" showed up in debug variable display for SY-PFKEY.

Program for easy access is SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION and when I looked in SE41 for status SESSION, found it. I can see function code settings, but not sure what it means.

Looks like I managed to mess something up internally when I deleted those incorrect function codes because my program works fine. Its when I return to SAP that this happens.

Also tried logging off and logging on in hopes that it was transient, but still happening. 8-(

Thank you for your help.

Dean Atteberry.

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Found it. myBad! I didn't mess anything up. SAP is working as designed..