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standard program modification.

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I want to change the type of message of a standard program, but when I type the code to modify the program the text of the program change to gray and I can't change the program.

I hope that the code is correct because I don't look any error message.

What am I doing wrong?


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You should not change standard programs. There is a config control available for some of the messages issued in the standard processing. Can you please let us know where you are making this change?

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At the line 27 I want to change the message from:

<b>MESSAGE w371.</b>


<b>MESSAGE e371.</b>

Thanks a lot.

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That's a change from warning to error, it should be carried out in customizing, not as a mod to a program

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The type of this message is static and I can't change the type of message in the customizing.


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Yes, this message cannot be controlled through config, but if you are changing the standard program, you should get access key and make the necessary change.

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After entering the key The Background of the Abap editor change from light blue to white but the text change to Gray and I can't change the text of the program. The system don't throw to me any error message about wrong object key.