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SPELL-WORD -- Amount in letters can't be larger than 80 characters?????

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Hi guys!

I have to print a long text (it's an amount in letters) in a check. The problem is that the amount appears incomplete. It's not because of the size windows.

I'm printing three variables:

&PALABRAS& &DESC_MON& &CENTAVOS& (amount in letters, currency and cents)

I't should appears like:

"Veinticinco mil quinientos setentea y siete" (amount) "USD" (currency) "00/100" (cents).

But when the amount is larger than 80, it appears truncated at 80 characters and after that appears the currency and the cents.

I think it's a system limitation, but I can't verify it by myself because I can't do a test.

Did you have any similar problem or have any idea of this. Can I print an amount larger than 80 characters? Do you know any sap note that extends that limit? (the SPELL-WORD is 255 character long, si, it's not a variable problem).

Any help is welcome!

Thanks a lot!!!!



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You can do as below :

Split the amount in three parts and declare variable of 100 char and concatenate into the new variable.


Sriram Ponna.

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Wel.. Apparently you didn't read the whole post because you are telling me to split the variable and use 100 char variable....

The amount ALREADY is truncated at 80 character when I receive it in the sapscript. That's why I wanted to know if anyone had a similar problem.