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Sorting F110 Printout by Vendor and Line Items.

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How can I sort the Payment prinouts from t-code F110 by Vendor and Line items.

I tried looking at RFFORI01 but there is no place where I can sort and rearrange the

items so that one page prinout will be printed first and multi page printouts later.

I know I can copy RFFOUS_C to Z program and do changes but where to do

the sorting logic.

I tried looking at FBZP Transaction but in vain.

Your help is appreciated


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Look for OPEN_FORM, WRITE_FORM in this include ..and try to debug and see at these places.



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I think this is using the Logical database PYF and may be something to do here!!

I will see in the program SAPDBPYF(LDB is PYF).

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Hello K G,

I have replied to one more thread :

if not then see below message :

Do not look at FBZP Transaction ,it is for configure print program and layout.

GOTO SE38 ,copy print program to zprogram and do the modification.

This program use Logical database - PYF

sort REGUP by lifnr belnr buzei

write the sort code after get regup in RFFOUS_C which is below of perform extract_vorbereitung.

Once you done changes then configure the print program and layout in FBZP Transaction ( This will done by Functional guy ), now test it in F110 Transaction.



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Thanks Seshu!

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I sorted in the program ZRFFOUS_C(Copy of RFFOUS_C) after the statement GET REGUP. PERFORM EXTRACT.

The data is not stored in a table to sort by vendor.

Any help.