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Smartforms manual feed

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I have a smartform that is to print to special card stock on a manual feeder. I sent a table of data for multiple cards from an ABAP program and called smartforms. It works OK for one card. When I send data for multiple cards it gets error message "Table does not fit into window."

In the main folder under output options tab, I put TRYMN in resource name.

I think I have to have a page 1 and page 2 folder, mark the first one TRYMN and the second one leave blank.

I think I need some way to read the input table, determine a page's worth of data, transfer that to an internal table and print from that table. I cannot figure a way to do it. I have tried everything I can think of.

I could send the data from ABAP as an export parameter rather than a table if that is the way to do it.

I have the input table, ZISWP_D4, equated to a field symbol <D4> in global definitions and use the fs to print the fields.

I have a loop statement and on the data tab I checked internal table and entered the table name (ZISWP_D4), ASSIGNING, <D4> (the field symbol.)

I originally put a page of data in the table and called smartforms for each page. That worked but required that I put in the forms for each page (would not print multiple pages without intervention.) So that is why I tried sending all pages in one table and calling smartforms once.

Can anyone help me?


James Ugrin


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Test reply by James Ugrin - never used the forum before and want to see if I get an email.