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smartform ( PO header text and item text )

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In my smartform include text I am passing language key as 'EN'.

But for particular PO when I checked entries in STXH table TDSPRAS field has value 'T'(Turkish ).

Hence header and item text are not getting displayed...

What I want to ask is.... From where This TDSPRAS field in STXH get some functional seeting?? or log-on language??

Or is it bacause of When that particular PO was created...logon language was TR(Turkish) and hence the Table STXH has 'T' in TDSPRAS field??

Pls help...


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Any Help in this regard will be usefull..

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Dhananjay Patil

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Hi, Patil!

Form language for POs usually comes from vendor's communication language in vendor master data. Communication language is part of address data. You can get it by taking the vendor's address number (LFA1-ADRNR) and then with this number going to ADRC table to see entries. The field ADRC-LANGU contains the communication language.

However, this is valid only if user doesn't change it. User can change communication details (address, communication language and everything) specifically for each PO. Then you need to find the PO-specific address number EKKO-ADRNR and see again in ADRC the PO-specific address and its communication language.

Hope this helps.