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smartform include text problem

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Hello all,

I am new to smartforms.I have a requirement where i have to page break according to line items.I am currently able to page break all the line item details exceopt the texts which are include texts.

If I try to include the texts in the smartform editor, it does not allow command lines.

So how can i achieve page protection for the texts with the line items.

Currently the texts are defined as seperate text nodes.

Can I use them with text modules?

Thanks in advance,




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For creating Include text, you have to create another text node and then select General attributes tab, change Text type to be Include text, fill Text key that you want(In Text name box you can use variable instead of constant value).

For page protection, select Output Options tab and check Page protection.

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The include text is inside the main window and hence page protection cannot be set in the output options tab.

I would like to have it in the same text node as the other details of the line item, but the smartform editor does not execute command lines.

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Of course,Smartforms editor doesn't allow you to run any commands. you have to spilt it from the others if you want to run include command.

you can create Command node for page break, it has goto page option and you can use Condition tab(for example GV_HAS_TEXT = 'X') when you want some items to do this command.

I guess you want to show Long text.If yes,I suggest you should create ProgramLine node to extract Long text(FM READ_TEXT) into internal table and then create Loop node to display it.After that use Command node for page break.