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Small doubt regarding ABAP

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During aparticular code the internal table is_bil_invoice-IT_PRICE[]

gets populated during VF02.

Now I insetad of doing aselect on VBRP I am planning to use this already populating values

in my code.

Now if I try to look during debug for a particular value as follows:

Data: v_count type N.

v_vount = v_count + 1.





x = is_bil_invoice-IT_PRICE[v_count]-kzwi1





I get following error "unable to interpret v_count as number." but if I go and put 1 or some numeric value I get the data properly.

How do I solve the above problem ?


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declare v_count as type I.

data : v_count type I.

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Can you please post all of the relvant code as it is in your program.


Rich Heilman

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Use type I instead of N.

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HI Tushar,

Define V_COUNT as below..


dont use type N.

Or use type I.


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Hi Tushar Shah

you should use

Data: v_count type I.

in fact type N is a character type containing only digits 0...9

Type I is integer type and should work in your case.

Regards, Manuel

PS: you wrote

v_vount = v_count + 1.

did you mean

v_Count = v_count + 1.


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declare as type i , type N is alpha-numeric , so it is displaying the error

Type I should not give u any error

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Hi Tusahar,

I think you want to use this in Invoice smartform.

Define V_counter as I . --as suggested by others.

Then you can write program lines with in the loop.

In program lines : V-vounter = V_counter + 1.

Then at your text elements Please check the V_counter at Conditions. (Example : V_counter = 1 ...)


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Declare v_count like the following way

v_count like sy-tabix. sy-tabix is of type int4.

if you declare as type i , if data exceeds the integer storage limit , you will get another error : overflow.


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The following code is inside the smartform program node. The code is defined as one of the flow logic inside a table.

The code runs for each item of table and accumulates the fireght in variable gv_freight_total and list price in gv_listprice.

Now one of the programmer is using following inside the flow logic for table:

select single * into gs_vbrp from VBRP

where vbeln = is_bil_invoice-hd_ref-BIL_NUMBER

and posnr = gs_it_gen-itm_number.

gv_freight_total = gv_freight_total + gs_vbrp-kzwi3.

gv_listprice = gs_vbrp-kzwi1.

But it seems that there is no need to do the database select on VBRP.

We can use the deep structure is_bil_invoice to get the kzwi3 and kzwi1 value.

This deep structure gets populated as per follows if there is one item we will have


If the number of items are two then deep structure will have,



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Hi Tusahr,

Please note that there is no need to do another select from VBRP. Your Samrtform structure is_bil_invoice will provide you all the freight and other pricing conditions.

Have you copied your invoice from standard smartform LB_INVOICE? Then you can include your own logic at program lines :

READ_KOND_DATA_SUM Under Table Item.

GS_HD_KOND this table is papulated in program lines "READ_KOND_DATA_SUM"


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