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Simultaneous Access for table maintenance

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My client has a requirement for simultaneous access for a custome table maintenance. For which i found a View frame which i can Edit. How can i apply record level lock on the same?


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Pls refer the link below....might help.

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Hello Juhi,

At what type of table you are looking? Is it a Z-table or an SAP table? Either way a simultaneous access is not allowed in SM30. Never ever modify SAP tables! For simultaneous custom-table-access you have to write a program (report or dialog) with ENQUEUE and DEQUEUE Function Modules. Now you can achieve a record lock.

Good luck,


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Hi Heinz,

There is a Z-table for which a view is made(with table maintenance). This view is called in a transaction.

What they require is to be able to get simultaneous access to the Table maintainenance not to edit the same record. but if one user is opened the transaction in Edit mode he should be able to edti one record.and simultaneously other user can access the record for editing which is not alrady in Edit mode.

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Hi Juhi,

please, take look at the Lock Mechanism:


I would implement this task with a concept like this:

- Create a Dialog program

- Display all table lines

- each record has a checkbox to the left

- the user has to check the box (or boxes) of the record(s) he wants to change

- in PBO lock the relevant line and display it in edit mode (at this time only the current user is allowed for modifications).

- in PAI save the record (UPDATE) and unlock it.

- all other users can access this record again.

As said before SE16 or SM30 locks the entire table.

By the way: the customer has to think about his request. In general it is not really wanted allowing modify many users a database at the same time. Only one well defined person should be allowed doing so! There can be a huge trouble regarding data integrity.

Have luck and try to convince your client about changing his mind,