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Show description beside dynpro field after choosing value help

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I have some fields on a dynpro with self made value helps.

The value help shows the key field, which is going to be

populated, and the description to the key.

After choosing a value in the value help. I want to show

this description on the right side of the field.

If I use a normal textfield, the description text from the

value help is passed into the textfield automatically.

But when I check the option, that this field is only for

data output, it´s not working any more...

How can I show the description text beside the textfield,

without defining it as input?

Thank You!



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After selcting the value from F4 press enter, it will go through the PAI and PBO. Write the code to select the description from that check table and pass into that description field. In the attributes of that description field, goto Program tab Check the check box Output field and Output only.

Check the sample program:

TABLES: addr1_data.

DATA: ws_country_desc TYPE t005t-landx,

okcode TYPE sy-ucomm.



*& Module status_0100 OUTPUT


  • text


MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.

IF NOT addr1_data-country IS INITIAL.

SELECT SINGLE landx FROM t005t INTO ws_country_desc WHERE

land1 = addr1_data-country

AND spras = 'EN'.


ENDMODULE. " status_0100 OUTPUT


*& Module user_command_0100 INPUT


  • text


MODULE user_command_0100 INPUT.

ENDMODULE. " user_command_0100 INPUT